What is face yoga?

I’m sure the ancient yogis of India weren’t doing it, but face yoga is one of the newer trends to hit the world of modern yoga.

Danille Collins has been running open workshops (see photo below) for the last few years at the Om Yoga Show in London, an event getting bigger in terms of marketing every year and now in its 12th year).

I joined in last week, and had lots of fun - if we’ve time, I’ll include a few of her routines in class this week. And if you want to practise in privacy in front of the mirror at home, here’s a clip on You Tube

There are endless debates in yoga and fitness circles over the safety of some aspects of yoga. And you’d think pulling a few faces would be a fairly risk free activity

I was surprised to find alarmist warnings about even face yoga. Comments such as “But for face yoga to work, those muscles would have to get very big. So big, in fact, they’d actually show through your skin. That could create a very chiseled, masculine look — including a stronger jaw, thicker neck, lumpy face, and even visible veins.”

Well, apart from an astonishingly mobile mouth, Danielle Collins looks fairly unchiselled to me, so I reckon we’re fairly safe.

And I think it’s fairly uncontroversial to suggest that if you want to keep a glowing and healthy skin, it comes from those things we know we should all do: get plenty of sleep, eat healthy food, stay off alcohol, do exercise and get outdoors.