Your hand is a complex thing.  It has no less than 27 bones and as a result many tiny joints. Each of your four fingers has three individual bones, while the wrist is made up of eight small bones known as carpals. They support a tube that runs through your wrist. That tube, called the carpal tunnel, has tendons and a nerve inside. It is covered by a ligament which holds it in place.

We use our hands so much that wrist injuries are increasingly common. But before you get to the stage of actual pain, don’t ignore soreness, tingling or discomfort in the neck, arms, wrists, fingers or shoulders. Nip any health problems in the bud by giving your hands some tlc – gentle movements and massage, and exercises that stretch the hands and arms in different directions (which we did in class this week).

Even yoga can be a problem, especially in classes with a lot of sun salutations, taking the hands down for downward dog and lunges for example, or coming onto all fours for plank and cat/cow.

So rather than stopping your yoga altogether, there is plenty you can do without the need to put pressure through the wrists, and that’s what we did in class this week.  The sketches below are a reminder (please note, not a how to guide):