As motivation, first about the benefits of your yoga!  

  • You gain flexibility and mobility throughout the entire body.
  • Plus strength and tone in your muscles.
  • Learn to breathe deeply (we rarely practise this day-to-day).
  • Help manage your stress levels.
  • Release tension – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Let go of the old and welcome in the new for 2018.

Key tips:

Try to aim for short regular sessions on as many days as you can (15-20 mins say)

Pick a time (before breakfast, or as soon as you come in after work) and keep to it

Leave your mat in a quiet place where you can practise undisturbed

Use music if you like, or light a candle.

What to do:

I suggest starting with the standing warm ups in this colder weather we’ve been doing in class in recent weeks.

  • The four part activation: twists/forward and backward steps with arm raises/squats/ side to side warrior 1
  • The four part leg raises: inhale knee and arms up/exhale knee out arms down/raise arms up/  exhale both down
  • Child/cat/dog moves on your mat
  • Some work for the core/abdominals (eg leg raises)
  • Backbends on your tummy
  • Rest in child -  then a few minutes to relax, or add in some seated stretches, twists and bridge

The wall can be used too, see the sketches below to remind you of this week’s class.