The web can be a useful source of ideas for a yoga practice, but much of the content is of course unregulated. Sequences shown can be very strong, and difficult to safely adapt to a level that might be more suitable for you.

Most of the videos feature demonstrations by ultra fit and supple yoga athletes. So if this isn’t you  … approach with caution!

One of the more reliable websites is run by the leading US yoga magazine Yoga Journal, and I often turn to it for inspiration or information. But even here, most of the sequences are demonstrated by young yogis with extremely advanced practices. In recent weeks, I’ve been featuring sun salutations to celebrate mid summer, featuring a new one to me which I found on the Yoga Journal site.

This is the “core awakening sun salutation for lower back support”  based on the Ashtanga sequence Surya Namaskar B.  Like most Ashtanga sequences it’s strong and physical, so I have adapted it for my teaching by focussing on the middle section.

We might try the whole salutation this coming week, so if you’d like a preview see the Yoga Journal website.

This sun salutation includes a deep lunge and twist section that requires sufficient core stability to hold the posture for three breaths. This helps develop the strong abdominal muscles we need to support the lower back in flow yoga. Toning these muscles helps improve posture and balance, not to mention ensuring a safer yoga practice.