Now - just when you might feel busier than ever - is the time you need to find time for a yoga session. As well as stressed, it’s easy to get over-tired, and then become more vulnerable to bugs and colds as our immune systems take a dip.

Class numbers take a dip too every year at this time. But once the festivities are over, there is a rush back with everyone full of good intentions in the new year.

Even if you can’t make it to a class, try and find time for 15 minutes or so of quiet relaxation during the day - a few rounds of breathing such as we practised this week. Followed by knee hugs and stretches and a few cats and downward dogs.

And before you know it you are doing yoga at home …….  Here’s a reminder of some of what we did this week, thinking of building up to an inversion such as legs up the wall, or shoulder stand.