Bridge pose is one of those yoga asanas that everyone can practise together regardless of their level of fitness. I like to introduce it near the end of a class when the muscles of the back and legs are nice and warm, and we can get maximum benefit from it.

Bridge involves the whole body; it strengthens the legs and hips, massages the spine, and opens up the front of the chest. Thoughtful practice of this asana also offers an opportunity to explore the body and its movements with attention and care. In the process, the breath deepens, which in turn helps calm the mind. The body gets a deeper level of expansion bringing about a feeling of relaxation when you relax out of the posture.

It is generally safe to practise, but be careful with a neck injury – keep the head still and use a blanket. If you have a back issue, you can rest the sacrum on a block or two, and/or come up

You’ll find plenty of info online, but Yoga Journal offers a step by step guide useful for beginners:

See below for some of this week’s class which also included Bridge.