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For information about yoga classes in Abingdon and on Zoom, read on ....

I teach in a relatively gentle 'hatha' style to suit all ages and levels of fitness, and welcome beginners. I have been teaching yoga in Abingdon for 12 years, and more recently online using Zoom. 

Yoga workshop Monday August 29 2 - 4. 30 pm: Get Ready for Autumn

Set yourself up for the autumn term of yoga with this special workshop. We'll do two yoga sessions, one energising, and one cooling and relaxing. All levels welcome, and handouts provided. I'll provide refreshments in between sessions in the dining room at St Ethelwolds. Cost £20, contact me to reserve your place (pay on the day).  We'll practise in the garden if fine.


This summer join me in the beautiful setting of the garden of the St Ethelwolds retreat centre in central Abingdon: Every Monday at 2 pm and Wednesday at 6 pm from 27 July until September (drop in welcome)  All levels, all ages!

Get in touch using the contact page on this website.

The following timetable will resume from September:

Monday 2-3.15pm Afternoon yoga (slow and gentle)in the studio at St Ethelwolds (outdoors if fine)

6-7PM Hatha flow (all levles) online Zoom.

Wednesday   two evenings classes in the Sanctuary, St Ethelwolds 5.15 - 6.30 pm (all levels);
and  7-8.15 pm (stronger after work stretch).

See below for my latest weekly class blog

  • The benefits of better breathing

    When done properly, Ujjayi (translated as “victorious”) breathing should be both energizing and relaxing. The sound of Ujjayi is created by gently constricting the opening of the throat to create some resistance to the passage of air. Gently pulling the breath in on inhalation and gently pushing the breath out...

  • The philosophy behind yoga

    Over the last term, I’ve introduced the Yoga Sutras, a collection of ancients texts written around 2000 years ago. Yogic philosophers outlined the principal of Ashtanga or eight limbs, a step-by-step path for purifying the body and mind. The ultimate goal: to help practitioners cultivate a steady mind, leading to...

  • Why cats are so flexible!

    Cats are amazingly flexible and agile and, try as we might, we humans never look quite the same when we come onto all-fours for the cat posture. But there’s good reason for this - for one thing, cat shoulders are not attached to the spine by a joint, but rather...

  • What does non stealing have to do with yoga?

    Asteya (non stealing) is the third of the five Yamas in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, a guide to the philosophy of yoga compiled nearly 2000 years ago. Just like the other Yamas, ‘non-stealing’  has a wide range of meanings. It can be thought of as far more than not taking something...

  • Don't judge yourself when doing yoga

    This term I am introducing some of the philosophy that lies behind yoga, and how it might be applied to what we do in class. We started last week with the ‘yamas’, which act as a guide as to how to live the right kind of life. The second yama...