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For information about yoga classes, read on ....

I teach in a relatively gentle 'hatha' style to suit all ages and levels of fitness, and welcome beginners. I teach both in the studio and online using Zoom. 

I offer classes in the Sanctuary at St Ethelwolds in Abingdon, on Mondays at 2pm,  and Wednesdays at 5.15pm and 7pm.  In addition, I teach online using Zoom on Mondays at 6pm. 

Sign up now for the next five week block of classes 

Current timetable:  


2-3.15pm Afternoon yoga (all levels) St Ethelwolds

6-7PM Hatha flow (all welcome) Zoom.


No classes at present


Studios classes at St Ethelwolds at 5.15 - 6.30pm and 7-8.15pm

See below for my latest weekly class blog

  • The philosophy behind yoga

    Most people think of yoga as a physical activity – which suits us perfectly well with our largely sedentary lifestyles. But with time students may become curious about the origins of yoga, and a place many people start their search is the Yoga Sutras attributed to the sage Patanjali who...

  • A slow flow

    A flow sequence consists of a series of linked postures that follow on easily from each other. Ideally, they are based on the breath, so that the pace and intensity is regulated in a natural flowing way. Moving with the breath also helps focus the mind and aids concentration. At...

  • Every breath you take

    It’s not surprising that the 1984 Grammy award winning song by the Police Every Breath You Take struck a chord with many people -  aside from its pop credentials, I wonder if its lyrics  strike a particular note, too. It is unusual in being a song that talks about the...

  • Can yoga help us age well?

    We all want to grow old gracefully … remain fit and active into our later years in order to get the most out of life. A lot of claims are made for the benefits of yoga: it may not prevent wrinkles and grey hair, but what is certain that a...

  • How to get more out of your yoga

    If you want to get the most out of your yoga I believe that one of the key things to do is learn to notice what is going on in your body. We spend so much of our time in our heads, we’re not so good at observing ourselves physically....