Thread the needle

After gently stretching out in child, cat and downward dog - keeping the back as straight as possible  - come onto all fours in table top. Open up to each side in a twist, first lifting the right arm and gazing to the right, trying to stack the right shoulder above the left. Repeat to the left. Check that your knees are widely spaced, and then slant the feet together, so that the big toes touch.

Scoop the right arm under the left, bringing the right shoulder down onto the floor. Turn your head and bring the chin as close to the left shoulder as possible. Stay for a count of five. Come out carefully and repeat on the other side.

Supine twist

Lie on your back bringing the arms out to the sides at shoulder height. Place the right foot on top of the left knee. As you exhale, twist and take the knee towards the left elbow. When the right toes touch the floor, reach with the left hand and help the knee down towards the floor. Try and keep the right shoulder blade on the floor. Hold for a count of five.

For two variations in this pose, first gently slide the right arm upwards along the floor, and again hold for a count. Return the arm in line with the shoulder, and straighten the left (top) leg, supporting the knee, and hold.

Repeat on the other side.