Termly timetable from 11 September 2023

Please get in touch using the contact form on this website for further information and to let me know you are interested in joining a class. As the classes are small, up to eight, most fill up quickly at the beginning of each term. Students are asked if possible to book for the whole term of between 10 and 12 weeks.

Cost:  A termly pass works out at £9 a class. If there is a space available drop in is £12.  Five online Zoom classes £30, or drop in £8. Contact me for online payment details, or to arrange payment by cheque/cash. 


11am- 12.10 pm.  Morning yoga in the Sanctuary at St Ethelwolds, East St Helen Street, Abingdon (a more gentle session). On bank holidays, the class moves to Wednesdays.

6-7pm. Move with a hatha flow, including some stronger postures: online Zoom. On bank holidays, the Monday zoom moves to Tuesdays.


5.30 - 6.40pm. A slow flow, beginners welcome: the Sanctuary.

7- 8pm.  A deeper session, including restorative poses. Ideal for after work, all levels: the Sanctuary.

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How to kickstart your home practice!
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Bringing balance into our lives
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Now we are heading towards the autumn equinox on 21 September, nights are starting to draw in. It’s a time of change, as we move from the summer into autumn and we start to look ahead towards winter. We might start making plans for the year to come.

Kickstart your home practice!
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Doing yoga at home in between classes will help you keep mobile for the rest of your life - but it’s often hard to know what to do, or get started. You have to first, establish a routine, by deciding what time of day, and how long.  Say 10 minutes every morning, for example, or 20 minutes three times a week.