How to let go after a busy day

Published: Feb 12, 2016 by Lucy Tennyson

Getting started on a home practice can be a challenge. One way to make that transition from a busy day is by lying down and simply following your breath. Breathing exercises not only help us calm the mind, but also help improve the way we breathe, strengthening the muscles of the chest, utilising more of our lung capacity, and enabling us to work more effectively as we move into and out of yoga postures. 

Last week we began with a standing warm up – think of mobilising the joints, working from the head down to the feet. Moving onto the floor, we continued to stretch and warm up, thinking especially of the hips and legs. I usually include some movements to strenthen the core – the sketches below may remind you of some we did last week. We spent some time in the class on bridge, working from a gentle flow with the breath, to stronger held positions.

Standing postures included trikonasana and warrior 2, as well as a sequence of balances, before we came to the floor again for pigeon.


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