In last week’s class we enjoyed some slower largely floor based stretches, a contrast to the week before which included two standing flow sequences.  If you would like to try some at home, we started with a lying relaxation and pranayama.

  1. Breathing in and out to a count of three to four to slow and equalize the breath. Think about letting go and relaxing on the exhale. Scan the body for areas of tension and breathe out into that area. 
  2. Then, think of dividing your upper body into three sections: belly area, mid chest and upper chest under the collar bones. Use the count 1-2-3 to breath into those three sections, starting with the belly and rising up into the mid and upper chest on the inhale. Slowly exhale. Follow with the hands if you like.
  3. Bring the knees into the chest when you are ready, for a gentle massage of the back, try happy baby, then stretch out each leg in turn. 
  4. Returning to your count of 3 or 4, practise Bridge, and add the arms if you wish.
  5. Come to kneeling, stretch ankles and toes, Child, Cat/Cow, puppy stretch, slide forward into Sphinx, add any backbends – Cobra or Locust.
  6. Kneeling, neck and shoulder stretches, Garudansana arms.
  7. Lunges
  8. Staying on alll fours return to Cat, add core work, Downward Dog, Forward Bend to standing.
  9. We then came to the wall, and included balance work such as Tree,  then Triangle and Downward Dog.
  10. Finish with any kind of forward bend, and legs up the wall, before Savasana, returning to your count of the breath.

We used the Anjali Mudra throughout, Anjali meaning ‘offering’. You can read more about it on the Yoga Journal website