The sacrum is located at the base of your spine and consists of five vertebrae that are fused together to form a bone about the size of a hand. It fits snuggly between the two sides of your pelvis and is connected to them via the sacroiliac joints. SI joints are weight bearing because the sacrum bears the weight of the spine and transfers it through those joints to the pelvis and then down into the legs. Like any weight bearing joint, it needs to be stable, so there are several ligaments that bind the sacrum to the pelvis to restrict its movement.


In this week’s class I included a few of a sequnce of postures aimed at strengthening and stabilising the hips and sacrum. You can see the full sequence on the Sequence Wiz website.


The sketches below are a reminder of my class, including gate pose, a demanding side bend. Make sure you are thoroughly warmed up before practising at home, and follow with a symetrical pose such as a gentle forward bend or lying in supported bridge.