It’s a time of rapid change when almost overnight we seem to move from winter to spring. We’re reflecting that in our practice in our three classes leading up to the March 21 Equinox, when the day becomes equal in length to the night.

We started with sun salutations to celebrate. If you’d like to try some at home, first warm up thoroughly especially along the back muscles. Remember we also need to tone up and use our abdominal muscles for success in these more energetic postures.

Beforehand however, move the whole body in some moving cats, adding downward dog to work and stretch the legs, and chair to fire up the thighs, abs and shoulders.

You’ll find a reminder of the kneeling sun salutations we did below. These are great for energising the body – and don’t forget to work with the inhale and exhale.

Afterwards, you can practise any of the standing asanas you know, such as the head to knee forward bend, and the demanding balance Warrior 3.

End with a relaxation, and you can repeat the gentle chest opening lying posture we did last week, with the body resting on the arms.