The answer I believe is very little. It’s like asking ‘am I good at’ breathing or walking, or  even living. The reason I’m posing this question, is that I bumped into a former student who told me that one reason she felt no longer able to come was that everyone else was ‘better’ at yoga than her.

Look back at the classical texts on yoga, and you won’t find reference to ability. Yoga is part of a holistic approach to life in which very broadly and simply speaking the aim is to do the best we can, and make the most of ourselves.

My approach to teaching is to try and create safe and supportive classes so everyone can relax and feel they have a space to give themselves time out from often busy and stressful lives, in order to give their bodies and minds a little TLC. 

Of course,  we want to progress our yoga and feel we are learning and improving, and so benefitting our health and well being. But it really doesn’t matter how far you can stretch, or whether  you can get into every pose. I always offer adaptions and alternatives - including stopping and resting! That’s my way of teaching -  other styles of yoga have been developed in recent years that are fast paced and probably better suited to the young, fit and bendy - even though they say open to all.

We will inevitably compare ourselves to others in class, that’s human nature. But the challenge  is a greater one than being good at yoga - it’s not to judge yourself, and others, and never feel not good enough.

Below are some notes on this week’s class: