One good thing about yoga is it can usually be done anywhere – quiet movements sitting at a desk, standing moves in a corridor, or lying on a bed, for example.

And in this warm dry summer weather, going outside.

Some even claim outdoor yoga brings additional benefits, especially if surrounded by nature.  We can relax using our different senses, such as listening to the birds, or wind rustling through leaves, or feeling the rough texture of the ground under our feet.

There is even a suggestion that viewing nature, especially fractals (the organically occurring patterns in tree branches and fern leaves for example), increases wakeful relaxation and internal focus - two components of a deeper yoga practice.

So try taking your mat outside into the garden or a balcony over the coming weeks, or finding a quiet spot to stretch out if you go walking in the countryside.

We continued our sun salutation theme this week, and you can find a reminder below: