This week, we practised some kneeling and standing flow sequences. Once you feel confident with the basic postures - child, cat, puppy dog, downward dog - you can sequence them together.

Start your practice with some simple breathing, either lying or sitting, focussing on deepening and working on a three part yoga breath. The ‘cereal packet’ image reminds us that our breath doesn’t move in just one direction, forwards, but in six: front and back, left and ride sides and top and bottom.

When you come to move into and out of postures, think of expanding and opening the chest on the inhale. And rounding and drawing down on the exhale.

You might also want to tone up the core muscles, with some leg lifts and curl ups on the floor, for example. And remember to use them especially when coming up and down off the floor.

The sketches below will remind you of some of what we did this week. And don’t forget to include some twists and a balance. You can make the standing sequence as long or short as you wish: you can just move in and out of Warrior 1, lifting the arms up on the inhale. Or you can work the right side first, adding Warriors 2 and 3, and triangle, working with the breath throughout.