A 20 minute practice to try at home

Published: Nov 2, 2019 by Lucy Tennyson

Here is an outline of a basic practice to get you started at home. You can add your own variations at each stage. A good way to start is lying down on your mat with the knees bent and feet hip width apart. Let yourself sink down into the floor and then take some deep yoga breaths, diving your inhale into three: belly, mid-chest and upper chest. Carefully hug in the knees, rocking over the back, and this about mobilising all your joints - feet, ankles knees etc.  After bridge, child and cat, try some lunges, before coming to standing opting for any of the standing postures you know and a balance. You can always add some deeper stretches at the end before lying down for relaxation.




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How to kickstart your home practice!
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Kickstart your home practice!
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Doing yoga at home in between classes will help you keep mobile for the rest of your life - but it’s often hard to know what to do, or get started. You have to first, establish a routine, by deciding what time of day, and how long.  Say 10 minutes every morning, for example, or 20 minutes three times a week.