A slow flow

Published: Dec 12, 2019 by Lucy Tennyson

A flow sequence consists of a series of linked postures that follow on easily from each other. Ideally, they are based on the breath, so that the pace and intensity is regulated in a natural flowing way. Moving with the breath also helps focus the mind and aids concentration.

At the end of this term, I have included a 10 minute or so slow flow near the end of each class, basing them around postures we have been working on. This week’s included Warriors one and two, a bent knee version of triangle and cobra. There is always the option of adding others in, such as the side plank.

If you have a go at home, don’t forget to get the body warmed up first. Aftereards, come to mountain pose, and then start your flow sequence on the right side, and then repeat on the left. Follow up with a standing balance, and then come to the floor for some stretches and relaxation. 


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