Granddaughter joins her granny in class

Published: Aug 17, 2022 by Lucy Tennyson

I sometimes get asked if a parent can bring a daughter (although seldom a son) along to class, but this summer one of my regular students asked if she could bring her 11 year old granddaughter to one of the sessions in the garden.

I realised afterwards there was a 60 year age gap – and both were happily doing the same yoga postures. I’d never had this happen before.

It was a delight to see that age is truly no barrier to the generations practising together.

Of course, my classes are relatively gentle and suitable for all ages, whereas an energetic vinyasa flow class would not be so suitable for someone in their 70s, or a young teenager.

I did a quick bit of research on google, and a US survey showed that both over-75s and under 20-year-olds made up less than 0.4 per cent of participants in yoga classes. But this research also showed that as many students aged in their 60s were practising as in their 30s.

I think the message might be, you’re never too young to start …. And never too old to stop. Here are Lizzie and Grace, an inspiration to us all.


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