Lucy Tennyson
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Gentle and accessible yoga for all levels, all ages! 

I teach in a softer 'hatha' style to suit all ages and levels of fitness, and welcome beginners. I have been teaching yoga in Abingdon for 12 years, and more recently online using Zoom.  My studio based classes are often full, as limited to eight spaces, so do get in touch to book your place.

Group class practising yoga in St Ethelwold's garden

Yoga in the garden this summer

Get in touch

The following studio timetable will run from 11th September 2023:

Monday 11am-12.10pm Morning yoga (slow) in the Sanctuary at St Ethelwolds, Abingdon 

6 - 7pm Hatha flow (all levels) online Zoom.

Wednesday   two evenings classes in the Sanctuary, St Ethelwolds 5.30 - 6.40pm (Hatha flow, all levels);
and  7 - 8.05 pm (a deeper focus ending with with restorative relaxation).

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Kickstart your home practice!
Edit post Kickstart your home practice!

Doing yoga at home in between classes will help you keep mobile for the rest of your life - but it’s often hard to know what to do, or get started. You have to first, establish a routine, by deciding what time of day, and how long.  Say 10 minutes every morning, for example, or 20 minutes three times a week.

Granddaughter joins her granny in class
Edit post Granddaughter joins her granny in class

I sometimes get asked if a parent can bring a daughter (although seldom a son) along to class, but this summer one of my regular students asked if she could bring her 11 year old granddaughter to one of the sessions in the garden.

What I love about Zoom
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Zoom yoga has brought about some of the biggest changes in modern yoga practice. Back in March, I’d never heard of it, let alone imagine it would be my only way to carry on teaching. And rather than see it as a negative, I’ve realised it has potential to improve my yoga practice.  Even if you are a techno-phobe, I would encourage you to take advantage of the recent quantum leap in the potential of wi fi.